Mission Trip to Kenya

I hope that you are having a great summer! I wanted to let you know about an exciting opportunity the Lord has given me to go on a mission trip to Kenya!

I really felt God calling me to get involved in foreign missions and Kenya was the place He really wanted me to go. I heard about an organization known as the 410 Bridge and decided to research their trips. I prayed about applying to go and God continued to weigh it on my heart. At that point, I applied to go on this trip and had to wait and see if I got accepted. I found out recently I had been accepted. Words cannot express how excited I am, and I cannot wait to get to Kenya, where God can use me and shape me into a new person from the experience!

I will be going on this trip with an organization known as the 410 Bridge. Lanny Donoho, founder of Big Stuf student camps, started this organization. The 410 Bridge hopes to create a “mission environment” within a network of hundreds, if not thousands, of churches that is relevant, meaningful, and successful in bringing about change in individual lives as well as entire nations. This organization hopes to ignite people to become involved by providing a “bridge” not only to another nation but also to our Heavenly Father; one that God will use to lead a transformation of hearts in ways that we have not even imagined. The trips that the 410 Bridge takes are grounded in using the gifts God has given us to further His kingdom, hence the name 410 Bridge- “Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.” 1 Peter 4: 10

My mission trip team will be made up of approximately twenty people. We will work on projects alongside the individuals of the community to help with the needs of the area we will travel to. Kenyan leadership in the community has pointed out these needs. These projects can include; helping the Kenyans get clean water, better education, churches, student ministry, children’s ministry, drainage systems, medical clinics, and orphanage work. We will do all of this for the glory of our Almighty Father and to administer God’s grace in its various forms.

I will be flying out the day after Christmas, December 26, 2009, and I will return January 3, 2010.

I hope that everyone can support my prayerfully and/or financially. The total cost for my trip is $3,500, and I would greatly appreciate ANY contributions you feel led to give. There are also other expenses that I will also have to pay like shots and medication…

Please prayerfully consider if the Lord would have you partner with me in this mission. I would love to know if you decide to support me in ANY way. Feel free to email me at jep@clemson.edu or comment on this blog to let me know or ask any questions…

You may donate online if you go to the following web address: http://www.410bridge.com/shorttermdonate.php

At this site, it will ask you to enter your name, how much you are donating, and the trip participant’s name- Edward Phillips, then you must hit submit. The next page will have a blank where you state the amount you are donating again. Then, you will go through a “check out” like if you were buying something online. Finally, you submit your donation. (This is tax deductible!)

You may also make a check payable to The 410 Bridge and mail it to them:
35 Old Canton Street
Alpharetta, GA 30009
(Please include a piece of paper with your name and address, and that you are donation for Edward Phillips’ Holiday Service Trip!)

You may also make checks payable to me- Edward Phillips and mail them to
102 B University Village Drive
Central, SC 29630

I will be keeping everyone up to date on this trip. I should find out the exact community I will be working in the next few weeks and what projects I will be working on…

Thank you so much!

The boxed area is where Kenya is....

The boxed area is where Kenya is....