Summer 2010!

Many of you know that I went to Kenya with The 410 Bridge over Christmas break, December 26th through January 3rd. This trip was life changing and I learned so much. I had an AWESOME team and I hope the memories from this trip will always be vivid in mind.

When I applied to go this trip I knew God had placed Kenya and Africa on my heart for a reason. When I was there I really learned about this passion and how much I love it there. When I looked into The 410 Bridge I saw there was something called a Journey Internship that took place every summer. This trip really sparked my interest and I decided to look into it. It looked like something I could see myself doing… I did not know if God really wanted me to do it or not though. I began to seek Him about it and see if He wanted me to apply. I felt led to apply so I proceeded. Before I left for my trip to Kenya I finished the application process. I had to fill out an application, answer 3 essay type questions, and submit a video saying why I should be chosen for the internship and why I felt God was calling me to do this for the summer. Everything with my application went great. I then did a phone interview that also went very well. Then I had to wait to see if I would get the internship. After a few weeks I found out that I did get the internship.

(Just some info on the internship: This internship is an eight-week program and it consists of only college students. We will train for two weeks outside of Atlanta, spend a month in Kenya camping out and serving in 410 Bridge communities, and then debrief for two more weeks back in Atlanta. This trip is guaranteed to change my life and many people involved. There will be a lot of spiritual growth and seeing what I really have to live for.)

I began to question whether or not this is what I really needed to do for my summer. I did not know if going to Kenya for a month was something I could physically, financially, spiritually, and mentally do. I began to beg God to show me what I should do.

I have been reading through Joshua in my quiet time and during this one morning God really pointed some things out to me and helped me make my decision. I realized I was letting fear and uncertainty hold me back from doing this internship. While reading through Joshua, God really pointed out to me how Joshua never feared. He listened to what the Lord told him and walked in obedience. He led the Israelites through many battles and never worried about what might happen. He had faith and trusted in the Lord. This is when I realized that the only thing really holding my back from doing many things that God wanted me to do was fear and uncertainty. I felt God tell me to trust in Him, know He is there and do this internship and do not let fear get in my way, for He is my stronghold. (One of my favorite verses: “The Lord is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life, of whom shall I be afraid.” Psalm 27:1)

This trip is something WAY out of my comfort zone… Camping out is not exactly what I love but I am doing it for the Lord and the people of Kenya, and that is all that matters. I know that God will be there for me and give me strength as I go on this Journey! I know that Jesus was not comfortable as He hanged on the cross for us and I am not called to be comfortable for my time on Earth. I must reach the lost and needy and that is not accomplished through being comfortable.

Learning this is something that will be with me forever. I see many opportunities differently now.  God places passion for things in our hearts for reasons and we must do something about it. Fear is something that we should not let come in our way. We must know God is there and walk in obedience.

I am just so happy God revealed this to me when we did. I just hope everyone knows that fear is something that cannot be a factor for us! I cannot wait for this summer and I am so excited about what is to come.

I just want to ask… Is there something you have a passion for and you will not pursue because you are afraid? Is there something you know God wants you to do but are uncertain what might happen, so you will not do it?

I will get more information about my internship soon and will keep everyone posted. I really some prayer as I prepare for this spiritually, financially, mentally, and physically, so please keep me in your prayers.

Here are some pictures of my trip to Kenya over Christmas break: (just a few of my favorites)

Check this video out too!!!