I recently had the chance to read Unleash! by Perry Noble and wanted to let you know what I thought about this book.

As a past owner and intern of NewSpring Church I feel like I was able to get a glimpse of Perry’s heart and personality from his preaching and leadership of the staff. I truly believe Unleash! gives you a glimpse of these things as well! It is not every day that you get to read a book that is rich in personality like Unleash! Prepare yourself to get caught up in a story or metaphor and then what comes after will make your heart stop, maybe get a little mad, but in the end, spur you on to a closer relationship with Jesus Christ living on purpose, with a purpose, and for a purpose. Another great aspect of Unleash! is that it is focused and founded on scripture and Biblical truth. You don’t find many books, even “Christian books,” that take you through as much scripture as Unleash! does. Unleash! is also full of humor in the perfect moments. I often found myself laughing out loud as I read this book.

As you know, I am heading up a project to start an orphanage in Kenya and this book served as a great reminder to me as I walk out what God has called me to do. Ephesians 3:20 is a foundational verse of Unleash! and it served as a great reminder for me as I walk out a huge vision with Jesus’ leading, direction, and provision. It was such a challenge to think about and be reminded that Jesus Christ, at work in us, is able to do MORE than all we ASK or IMAGINE. We all know imagination is vast and extends very far, yet Jesus can even accomplish more than that! Unleash! will allow you to walk through some foundational principles of living a life for Jesus Christ and how to trust Him in us to do great and amazing things! I look forward to hearing how Jesus uses this book to change people lives all around the world and I hope you don’t pass up the chance to read it!

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The Power of Words

This is one of my favorite videos about how powerful words are. How we communicate things can completely change what others think! I believe communication is a very important aspect of our lives and we should always be striving to communicate more effectively. This video will show how rewording a sentence can completely change someone’s reaction and response.

You are probably wondering

Kimbilio Project Logo

If you are not aware I work full-time for Choose to Invest as Director of Kimbilio Project. You are probably wondering what exactly I do as Director of Kimbilio Project for Choose to Invest… Well, wonder no more!

First off, I just want to say how thankful and blessed I am to have this job. I love working for Choose to Invest! God gave me the vision and dream for this orphanage on June 19, 2010 and this vision and dream are now a reality! Jesus Christ is so faithful and sovereign! I look back and see how He has orchestrated my entire life for this (more details to come about this). Over the past few months God has really shown me exactly what the vision of Kimbilio is and how we will care for these children. I am so excited for what is to come for Kimbilio Project!

My biggest focus is fundraising. I do a lot of networking and building relationships with various people. I am seeking people who will share in our vision to build a children’s home for orphaned and abandoned children in Kenya, Africa. I also seek out individuals and ask them to get involved in other ways as well. I have set fundraising goals that I am striving to accomplish so we can provide a refuge for these children.

Kimbilio Project has various partners. For example, an architect, occupational therapist, nurse, counselors, teachers, musicians, and much more. I try to keep in touch with these partners as much as possible to let them know what is going on with the project and keep them involved in their specific areas as we grow.

Most of what I do is involved with communications, marketing, and social media. I make sure that I am always up to date with what is happening in those various fields in order to get better at my job and work more effectively.

Public relations is a key aspect to Kimbilio Project. In a way, this is free advertising. I write many media pitches and press releases to various media outlets and do follow ups. These stories are allowing people to hear my story, learn about Kimbilio Project, and learn about Jesus Christ. To date about eight newspapers and magazines have covered my story, three of which I was featured on the front page! Check out the “In the News” tab to read some of these stories if you have not gotten a chance to already.

Another aspect of my job is event planing. Last March I planned Run for Orphans, a 5K and Fun Run in Alpharetta, GA. This will be an annual event for Choose to Invest and Run for Orphans will hopefully take place in other cities around the United States in the future. I also coordinate other events for Kimbilio Project, like dessert & coffee nights or banquet/gala events.

Over the summer I had the chance to re-brand Kimbilio Project. I am also in the process of getting other pieces designed and videos produced. I get to manage the Kimbilio brand. This consist of being sure our style sheet (colors, headline and text typefaces, logo placement, and more) is abided by on everything that relates to Kimbilio. Consistency is key!!!

There are other things involved with my job but this should give you a better picture of what I do each day.

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I’m Back…

I know it is been an extremely long time since I last blogged. About 1.5 years ago I reorganized my blog with the intentions to start writing more, well that did not happen. Individuals have been asking me if I would start blogging again so they can keep up with me. I finally gave in and decided to give it another shot. I will be blogging about a variety of things, hince the name “The Variety.” I will blog about my life, Kenya, Kimbilio Project, marketing, fundraising, public relations, and much more. I hope that you will choose to follow my blog. There is a place to the right that you can even sign up to get emails every time I post a blog.

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This is Jacob, from a children’s home we serve at in Nairobi, Kenya.
Jacob’s story: At the the age of 1, Jacob was abandoned by a woman (assumed to be his mom) outside the gate of a stranger. This lady claimed that she needed to run to a nearby bus stop to collect a bag. She never returned for Jacob. The homeowner reported the case to the police station and he was later taken into the children’s home. He was recently adopted from the home!