Everyone of you has a vision for something. This vision could be to be a Godly man or woman, great father or mother, be Jesus to people you work with, teach your child about Jesus, be a missionary, plant a church, etc.

Most of you know my vision. On June 19, 2010 I visited a children’s home in Nairobi, Kenya while participating in the Journey Internship with Choose to Invest. I stooped through the door of a painted gate to see a four-story, concrete orphanage before me. At the time I felt something move in me and I was not sure what it was. With each step that I took towards the orphanage I knew what was moving in me. It was a vision God was giving me to start an orphanage in Kenya. Not just another orphanage but an orphanage that cares for children holistically, develops leaders of orphan care within our staff, and helps other homes better care for their children. This vision began about two and half years ago when I was only nineteen years old and each day it becomes more of a reality.

If you are not aware, we announced that we are starting a Kimbilio Baby Home, Kimbilio’s first step to providing a refuge for orphaned and abandoned children. You can see that announcement HERE. Jesus brought some incredible individuals along to help make this possible. Will and Kelly Rodes (along with their two and a half year old son, Liam) who will lead daily operations at Kimbilio. As well as the Kimbilio interns (Caitlin, Ellen, Erin, and Mollie) who graduate college in May and will move to Kenya to help set up the baby home.

About two weeks ago we hosted our second annual Run for Orphans in Alpharetta, GA. Will, Kelly, Liam, Caitlin, Ellen, Erin, and Mollie all came into town to help with the race. After the race we all got to hang out and get to know each other more. I was overwhelmed by God’s faithfulness and sovereignty the entire weekend.

We ended the weekend by attending a gathering at Passion City Church. After church we spent some time praying together. As we sat in a circle on the floor praying for what is ahead, I absolutely lost it. I could not hold back the tears of joy and gratitude. I was sitting in a circle of people who were going to help make the vision God gave even more of a reality. I was sitting with what I like to call a family that will be a part of Kimbilio providing a refuge for its first children in Kenya! I thought of the babies stuck in hospitals with no place to go, no love, no care, and to most people no hope, but I was sitting with a group of people that God will use to rescue these babies, helping them know their Heavenly Father and that they are not a mistake. Two and half years ago I would never thought I would be sitting in this circle, but I worship a big God who knew exactly what He was doing and continues to orchestrate every detail in my life.

If God gives you a vision, He will see it to completion. Trust Him to do immeasurably more than you could ever ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20). I hope this can encourage you to continue to walk in faith and trust God that He fulfill that vision. He is always orchestrating the details of your life, even when you do not realize it. One day you will be able to look back and see how sovereign He is and always will be!

In Christ,


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