The Rodes Family

Our vision for Kimbilio Project has always been to have an American family that lives in Kenya to lead our staff. In August, I felt God prompt me to start praying for this family. At the time I was very confused as to why He wanted me to do this because I did not think it was time to even think about hiring this family. Just a few days later I received a text message from my sister asking me if I remembered Will and Kelly Rodes from NewSpring Church, in Anderson, SC (the church I attended while in school at Clemson University). She told me to go search for a blog they had posted about their next steps. I found their blog and as I read it I stopped in my tracks and was in awe. Their blog was announcing how Will was resigning from his job at NewSpring and he, Kelly, and their two year old boy, Liam, were headed to Mozambique to attend a missionary training school. They would return home at the end of December, believing God would have their next step ready. I knew Kelly because she worked the front desk at NewSpring but had not actually met Will. I decided to reach out to Will and ask him to grab coffee before they left for Mozambique. In the chaos of packing his family up, he found time to meet with me.

We shared our stories and how God placed Africa on our hearts. After our time together came to an end, I knew there was a connection and they were supposed to be a part of Kimbilio. I realized this is exactly why God prompted me to start praying for the family that would lead Kimbilio in Kenya. I kept in touch with Will and Kelly during their time in Mozambique. God brought along the four ladies, Kimbilio interns, in October and that is when we knew God was leading us back to the idea of the baby home. I presented this idea to Will and Kelly and asked them to pray through whether they would be a part of this in any way. After much prayer as to what God had next for the Rodes family, they knew Kimbilio was what was next. Will, Kelly, and Liam were able to travel to Kenya at the beginning of January to spend time with the Avery’s, founders of Choose to Invest, and the rest of our staff in Kenya. After returning home they completed interviews with members of our Board of Directors. Everyone was in agreement and knew that the Rodes family was the perfect family for this job!

I am so excited that Will and Kelly are now on board with Kimbilio. From the start I felt an immediate connection with this family that I cannot even explain. God has made that connection stronger every day. I love Will, Kelly, and Liam and cannot wait for God to use them in Kenya for Kimbilio Project!

To read more about the Rodes family and the Kimbilio interns click here:


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